​The soil that we use contains ​natural fungi found in nature which attach to roots of plants and aid healthy growth.  Mycorrhizae establish a graceful, symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants.These microscopic fungi form a​ network of very fine root hair filaments, called mycelium, uniting the two partners. This union, called “mycorrhiza” (“myco” for fungus and “rhiza” for root), allows both partners to form a mutual exchange network at the root zone level to support the plant.  This improved root system allows the plant to better absorb water and nutrients, especially phosphorus, from a wider area.


Using our soil with MYCOACTIVE technology will build and maintain plant health and increases its stress resistance and ability to fight off disease. Thus, MYCOACTIVE technology means bigger, healthier and more prolific plants. And for you it means less work and more time to enjoy your garden!

​Type of benefits brought by the MYCOACTIVE technology:

  • Faster plant establishment
  • Strengthened root system
  • Improved plant survival after planting into gardens and field soil
  • Increased resistance to stress and drought
  • Increased plant vigor, as well as quantity and quality of flowers and fruits
  • Improved uptake of water and nutrients with much less fertilizer applications.

Our soil also contains a BIOFUNGICIDE (Bacillus pumilus) that reduces incidence of root diseases like Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia to improve overall growth of plants. These beneficial microorganisms grow a defensive barrier around the root system shielding the roots from harmful attacking fungi and are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fungicides.

We grow all of our non-GMO vegetable/herb plants in a soil with MYCOACTIVE technology to stimulate vigorous growth for greater stress resistance, larger root system for increased nutrients, water uptake and bigger, healthier plants. We use only OMRI listed fungicides/bug sprays on our vegetable/herb plants and only as needed​.

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