First, we grow all of our non-GMO vegetable/herb plants in a soil with MYCOACTIVE technology to stimulate vigorous growth for greater stress resistance, larger root system for increased nutrients, water uptake and bigger, healthier plants. We use only OMRI listed fungicides/bug sprays on our vegetable plants as needed.


The first thing we ask is “when do you want to harvest your first tomatoes and what size fruit do you need”? ​Below is our list from early to late harvest.

Early Girl is the earliest red tomatoes that we grow ​(about 55 days from planting to harvest) resistant to soilborne diseases verticillium wilt (V) and fusarium wilt ​(F). Fruit is 5 to 6 oz and bright red.


Champion (62 days to harvest) is resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Champion fruit is larger than Early Girl.


Sweet 100 tomatoes are cherry types that harvest in 65 days from planting with many, many 1 inch fruit.


Burpees Big Boy hybrid tomato was introduced in 1949, it is very productive with large red fruit. ​The fruit is 10 oz. up to 16 oz. ​with a harvest 78 days after planting in the garden.


Hillbilly tomato is a heirloom variety from West Virginia​ that is very large, mild-flavored, beefsteak-type that can weigh 1 to 2 lbs. apiece, and usually orange-yellow, streaked and mottled. 85 days.​


​Roma tomato is a plum tomato (about 75 days) used in canning and producing tomato paste. It is very thick and does have much juice, has very few seeds and weighs about 2 ounces. Roma ​has been improved ​and is verticillium and fusarium wilt resistant. ​


Golden Jubilee is an heirloom tomato that harvests in 85 days. Introduced in 1943 it is very large with thick walls and few seeds. It is non acidic and resistant to alternaria stem canker.


Beefsteak is a very large deeply lobed, meaty and juicy red tomato that is late, about 96 days from planting to harvest. It is great for slicing and laying on a sandwich.

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